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    Click the link above to see all commercial opportunities -- properties, licenses, investments -- across Colorado and the Pacific Coast States (California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii).

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    Our passion for real estate investment drives us to stay up-to-date on the constantly-evolving and complex landscape of cannabis politics and the cannabis industry.​ We work tirelessly for our clients to provide a current understanding of zoning and local authorities’ regulations​. While we do not practice law and do not give or provide any legal advice, we are very informed on issues regarding:


    *State-wide Municipal and County laws including requirements for license acquisition.*

    *Property/Home Analysis ~ Zoning, Privacy, Safety, Electrical Information, Water Usage, HVAC.*

    *Neighborhood Analysis ~ Setbacks rules, Buffer Zones, Crime Rates, and Investment Potential.*


    We work with proven contractors who will bring your property up to code and help secure your investment​.

    Private Homes, Greenhouses, Land + more

    Click the link above to see properties from marijuana-friendly owners. Opportunities range from private lending, lease-to-purchase options and nice rentals. Check daily for updates.

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    CMRE specializes in commercial and residential realty, land zoning, and business acquisition. Offering a diverse matrix of industry professionals that are educated in marijuana real estate and business investments across this great Nation in every market!


    "We are united by our common passion for the State of Colorado, its residents, and the trail being blazed for the cannabis industry around the world. We are proud to be part of these revolutionary and exciting times. Please feel free to contact us directly below with any questions you may have about moving & acclimating to the Rocky Mountain Mile-High lifestyle!"

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  • Amendment 64



    Landmark Marijuana Statute


    “The People of the State of Colorado find and declare that the use of marijuana should be legal for persons twenty-one years of age and older. . .”


    Growing and Selling Marijuana in Colorado.


    *Disclaimer - We do not practice law and do not give legal advice in any manner. For a complete list of Medical/Recreational Marijuana Laws regarding growing, selling, and consuming please see the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division website - Click here for link to Colorado.Gov

  • Come to Colorado

    Yes, it's that simple.


    All Four Seasons


    Colorado has some of the most scenic and beautiful seasons in the United States. With over 300 days of sunshine, every season brings unique adventures and activities!


    Colorado is quickly becoming one of the largest destination states in the country with its high volume of tourism, booming private sector, and revolutionary politics.

    The Great Outdoors


    What do four scenic seasons and over 300 days of sunshine mean for you? How about lots of outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, fishing, 4-wheeling, whitewater rafting, climbing, kayaking, and a host of other exciting and fun activities.

    With Colorado's laid-back & mellow vibe, it's the perfect state to explore your wildside while relaxing in gorgeous scenery.

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